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Change the way you work forever in an orthopaedic office chair

Invest in an office chair that’s designed by physiotherapists to provide exceptional back support and comfort for a pain-free workday.

We have a wide range of quality office chairs for sale, providing you with ultra-ergonomic designs and unbeatable comfort and quality to help you relieve back pain and work more productively. Buy your chair online with a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee and free shipping, or visit our stores in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Customer Reviews

Very happy with my ergonomic chair - no more backache or shoulder pain.
Fully adjustable to my liking - a highly recommended purchase. Prompt and effortless purchase and delivery - great service!


What a difference a good chair makes! I am extremely happy with the chair and so is my back and neck! Should have done this a long time ago.


I spend a lot of time on the office chair and have been struggling with injury related aches and pains but since I have the new chair, my pains have disappeared. Definitely worth it. And the service from the company was great.

Introducing the first office chair endorsed by

The World Federation of Chiropractic


Lower back pain is one of the most prevalent complaints in today’s working world and increased sitting time is the primary cause. Ergonomically designed office chairs are created with the user in mind and are specifically made to support the lumbar spine. This is achieved through the presence of a curved and adjustable back rest which follows and supports the natural ‘S’ shape curvature of the spine thus providing adequate support where needed. A good ergonomic chair provides the correct lumbar support to improve posture and has the adjustability to achieve the optimal position at the workstation. 

Studies repeatedly show that a personalised adjustable ergonomic chair reduces low back pain in computer workers by improving work related sitting posture. Studies also show that patients with previous back problems see a significant decrease in their pain response over time, after switching to an Ergonomic chair. In addition, users reported improved productivity and overall well-being.

Physio-designed and medically endorsed

Free delivery nationwide

30 Day comfort guarantee