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Got a question about choosing the right ergonomic office chair, furniture or accessory? Have a look below at the most frequently asked questions we have received so far. If you need more information, please contact us and we will be in touch to discuss the questions you have.


How do I know which chair to choose?

The Ergotherapy range of ergonomic office chairs are all designed by our founder and physiotherapist, Gary Arenson, with your body and comfort in mind. We all have different needs, so choosing a chair will depend on the functionality and aesthetic required. 

Both the NetOne® and GetOne® range of office chairs were designed by a physiotherapist and so provide supreme lumbar support and comfort. 

The main difference is the feel of that lumbar support. The NetOne® has a mesh backrest, and therefore has a more springy feel. The GetOne® has a more solid feel in the lumbar area. GetOne® is an upholstered chair and so provides a firmer support whereas the NetOne® has a mesh back with self-adjusting lumbar support ensuring that even the shortest or tallest are catered for. 

Our GetOne® chair‘s fabric and colours can be customised. The NetOne® comes in black only (the seat can be reupholstered at a fee). Our NetOne® chairs have seat sliders for adjustable seat depth and our GetOne® chairs have a set seat depth. 

The NetOne® armrests are multi-dimensional and move up and down, in and out, backwards and forwards. The GetOne® armrests move up and down. Our GetOne® range has a 5-year guarantee, and our NetOne® range has a 7-year guarantee. 

Choosing an ergonomic office chair is really a personal preference, so if you are unsure we recommend you visit one of our showrooms in Sandton, Johannesburg or Observatory, Cape Town to try out our chairs. You are welcome to contact any of our reps for more advice.

Why should I choose an Ergotherapy chair over any other office chair?

The back support of the Ergotherapy ergonomic office chairs were designed according to the angles of your lumbar spine by a physiotherapist, and provide the optimal support to maintain a neutral position. This allows you to maintain the correct posture while working. The backrest of the GetOne® chair also comes more forward than most chairs so that you can have constant support. The muscles of your body can then relax and will not fatigue. 

Musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain, neck pain and headaches are caused by fatiguing muscles, which then go into spasm, which ultimately results in pain. The Ergotherapy GetOne® and NetOne® chairs help prevent this situation from occurring by providing much-needed support. 

Ergotherapy ergonomic chairs are not only ergonomically designed but can be adjusted to each individual which means you can get the chair to the right height, angle and armrest support at the correct level for each user. We also offer a 30-Day comfort guarantee on every chair, plus a 5 Year Guarantee for our GetOne® chairs on all parts, excluding fabric, and a 7 Year Guarantee for our NetOne® chairs on all parts, excluding fabric.

Can I get my chair in any fabric?

Our GetOne® chairs are upholstered in a standard highly durable fabric in a wide range of colours that will easily match your corporate colours and allow you to customise your purchase. However, you can also source your own fabric or leather which we can then quote you on. 
Our NetOne® range comes standard in black fabric or black leatherette. The seat of this ergonomic office chair can be upholstered in any fabric of your choice, but this will incur additional costs.

Which kind of castors should I choose for my chairs?

At Ergotherapy Solutions you can choose between standard castors or rubber castors. Rubber castors are better suited for harder floors. If you are working on tiles, rubber castors provide more traction to prevent your chair from rolling away from your desk. If you are working on wood, laminate or vinyl flooring, the rubber castors also prevent damage to the flooring.If you are working on softer surfaces such as carpet or carpet tiles, there is no need for rubber castors and standard castors will do, but if your situation changes we can supply you with rubber castors at an additional cost.

How are Ergotherapy chairs going to help improve the productivity of my employees at my company?

Most managers make the assumption that their staff are comfortable and efficient. The reality is that most people are uncomfortable and therefore not as efficient as they could be due to over-use/repetitive strain injuries. With the increase in the time spent in front of computers, there has been a resultant increase in levels of worker discomfort and musculoskeletal pain and injury. Our range of ergonomic office chairs provide the perfect support and comfort so that employees can work more efficiently and therefore take less time off. Our research done on the increase of the efficiency of workers, which was conducted to test the impact of our GetOne® chair on performance, revealed a 30.7% increase within four weeks of using our GetOne® chair.

What are my options for chairs in my reception area?

Our GetOne® Visitors chair is designed with the same lumbar support as the Midback and although it is not adjustable, this ergonomic office chair provides an extremely comfortable chair for guests or for a waiting area. 
You can also choose from a range of colours to match your corporate colours and office colour scheme.

Why do I need adjustable armrests on my office chair?

Armrests are important to provide support for your arms so that your shoulders can be completely relaxed. Armrest height should be adjusted relative to the height of the desk surface and keyboard. It is important that you can bring the chair in close to the desk so that you are not “reaching” for your computer. Armrests should therefore be positioned so that they fit below or above the desk surface or at a comfortable height to “offload” the shoulders. 
The GetOne® range of ergonomic chairs has 1D, height adjustable armrests that can move up or down, and the NetOne® range has 3D armrests that allow for up/down, forward/backwards and inversion/eversion movements.

Do your chairs have a guarantee?

The NetOne® range of ergonomic office chairs comes with a seven-year guarantee and the GetOne® range comes with a five-year guarantee on all the parts excluding the fabric. If the problem can be fixed on site, it will be done so by one of our technicians. If the problem needs to be fixed at the factory, it will be attended to and returned as soon as possible. A call-out fee or cost of transport to and from the factory will be charged. Please contact [email protected].

How do I set up my new Ergotherapy chair?

It’s doesn’t help buying ergonomic chairs but it is then not set up properly. This is why we have setup guides on both our GetOne® and NetOne® product pages. We also provide ergonomic training for our clients to ensure that you can optimally use our ergonomic office chairs.

How can I clean my chair if it gets dirty?

The upholstery is very easy to clean by just wiping with a damp cloth or using a dry upholstery cleaner which is available at most retail outlets. 
For stubborn stains or bulk cleaning, please contact a professional cleaner or contact our repairs department.


Why should I get a standing desk?

Long periods of seated work can pose a serious health risk due to bad posture and inactivity. Alternating your workday between sitting and standing work is easy with an adjustable standing desk. This freedom to work sitting or standing will make you feel energised and focused, and at the same time reduce pain, – all while getting things done.

What makes VARIDESK® better than other standing desk options in the market?

VARIDESK® was designed with top quality, convenience, and usability in mind. Using high-grade materials in every aspect of construction, this range of adjustable standing desks is robust enough to survive years of everyday use, and user-friendly enough to be used by anyone in almost any workspace. 

With the exception of the Pro Desk series, all VARIDESK® standing desks come fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, designed to work with your existing workspace setup. Its spring-assisted lifting function means that going from a seated position to a standing one takes only a few seconds, even when weighed down with heavy equipment and multiple monitors.

How much weight can my VARIDESK® hold?

Weight limits can be found in the technical specifications section of the specific VARIDESK® model you are interested in. Generally, most VARIDESK® models have a recommended weight limit of 15.8kg, while larger models can hold as much as 20.4kg. The sturdy Pro Desk range can hold even more.

How big does my desk need to be for a VARIDESK®?

The VARIDESK® range is designed with options to fit most normal desk sizes. All VARIDESK® models have their size in the name – for example, the Pro 30™ will require a desk at least 76.2cm wide, while the Exec 48™ requires at least 121.92cm. As the VARIDESK® range also comes in a variety of different depth measurements, it is important to measure your existing desk space before committing to a VARIDESK® model to suit your needs.

Does VARIDESK® work for people who are taller or shorter than average?

Absolutely. VARIDESK® standing desks are designed to be ergonomically adjustable to suit almost any user. For taller workers, we recommend the Exec Series, built with an extra 13.97cm of height readily available. All VARIDESK® models come with multiple height settings for customisability, so if your current office desk sits at your preferred height, your VARIDESK® will certainly adjust to your desired range.

Does VARIDESK® come with any guarantees?

We are so confident in VARIDESK®’s ability to improve your quality of life, that we offer a 30-Day Comfort Guarantee on every product. If you are not working better and more comfortably by the end of that time, we will pick it up for a full refund at no cost to you. Our VARIDESK® products come with a 5-year guarantee.

Online Ordering

Can I order from the website?

Yes. Please select the desired ergonomic office equipment by placing them in your online cart and then checking out for easy purchasing. Your products will then be delivered directly to your door.

What are the delivery costs?

Delivery is free for ALL online orders to anywhere in South Africa. Additional costs will apply for delivery outside of South Africa.

What is the comfort guarantee?

All our products come with a 30-Day full money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchases, an Ergotherapy representative will contact you to discuss further, and if you are still unsatisfied that our products have not changed your working life, we will refund you in FULL (less the relevant delivery costs).

Who do I contact if I struggle to order online?

For further assistance, please contact our JHB office on 011 326 5126 or email [email protected].

Who do I contact for bulk orders?

If you are interested in ordering a large quantity of our ergonomic office furniture, you can contact our team to request a quote so we can best advise you on options and customisations to suit the style of your environment.

Volume Discounts

Interested in ordering a significant quantity of these ergonomic office chairs? Contact our team to request a quote or a test drive so we can best advise you on options and customisations to suit the style of your environment.

I still have a question

Need more information? We are always happy to help – get in touch today and one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your question.