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Laptop stand

This laptop stand s brilliant. It is well dedigned, sturdy, the right height for worÄ·ing comfortably and keeps my laptop cool.

Easy to use.

The laptop stand works so much better than the box and/or different types of books I used to lift my laptop. It is very easy to use and light to carry. It fits in my laptop bag.
I only wish that I could adjust the height. It is the correct height for the office desk. However, I need to lift it a bit for home use where I work from my the dinning room table.

The Ergoprop laptop stand best thing i ever bought

The Ergoprop laptop stand has literally changed my life - i dont know how i ever worked without it - its made a huge difference to my neck and the constant headaches i was getting. Payment and delivery was seemless

Very neat and at the correct angle.

Very neat and at the correct angle. Highly recommended. Denoon Sampson

Ergoprop Laptop Stand Plus 2 x "Get One" Ergotherapy chairs.

I'm very happy with my new Ergoprop Laptop stand. I was experiencing headaches and neck pain before because I had to look down at my computer. Now my screen is level with my eyes and its very comfortable to type with the keyboard at an angle. And it's so good to be headache-free. It's also so light I can easily carry it anywhere in the house. By the way, I bought 2 x "Get One" Ergotherapy chairs a few weeks ago from your show room - one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I'm recovering from 4 compression fractures in my spine and have found that the chairs are not only very comfortable and support my back but they are actually contributing to healing my back. When I get up, there is no pain at all any more and my back feels pain-free for a long time after sitting on my chair. Since using them, my need for pain tablets is decreasing more and more. I have also referred your Get One chair to someone who was looking for a chair for her high school daughter. So, altogether, totally happy with these products I bought and recommend them highly.