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Laptop Stands

An ergonomic laptop stand gives you the convenience of a light, convenient way to work from anywhere. Our laptop stands are designed to reduce neck pain and headaches.



Reduce neck pain and headaches with ergonomic laptop stands that are designed to make mobile computing more comfortable for you and your laptop wherever you go. Your laptop is securely propped up to a more comfortable angle which allows for improved neck posture and better wrist position. This raised angle is also good for your laptop, as it allows for ventilation and keeping it cool. Find out more about this ergonomic office solution below.

In our modern, on-the-go work life, the last thing you need is bulky, cumbersome equipment to carry around and weigh you down. With an ergonomic, foldable laptop stand you get the convenience of a light, easy to tuck away solution that fits perfectly in your laptop bag.

Customer Reviews

Ergoprop Laptop Stand

I love my laptop stand! It has raised the level of my keypad as well as screen angle. This alleviates strain on my wrists and eyes. This good looking stand is a definite need for overheating laptops as it allows for good airflow underneath it.

Albert KentCustomer

One of my no#1 purchases this year!

Love, love, love this! Would highly recommend it to anyone that spends the majority of their work day at a desk. I was suffering terribly with neck and shoulder pain, and this has alleviated so much of the strain! One of Ergotherapy's chairs is next on my wishlist :)

Samantha Bromley-NortonCustomer

Physio-designed and medically endorsed

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30 Day comfort guarantee