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Desk Footrests

Elevate your feet in a comfortable position and give yourself the maximum level of comfort at your desk. Our desk footrests offer ergonomic support as you sit and work long hours.
Keep your feet supported & comfortable with our range of office footrests

Choose from our range of physio designed footrests that will allow you to sit all the way back in your chair, letting your chair take some of the stress and strain off your back.

Customer Reviews

Flexi Office Footrest

I love the flexibility of the product. It helps me relax into different positions with ease throughout the day. Definitely eased the discomfort I experienced before.

Thank you!


Very good buy!

The Kelly Adjustable Footrest is a perfect match to my Get One chair! Would definitely recommend it. It is nice and sturdy, but easy to move as I change position. Very good buy!

Tania BothaCustomer

Perfect postures

The Kelly Adjustable footrest changed my time at a desk. The footrest assisted in changing my posture whilst working. No more backpain! Thanks to Ergotherapy for this solution!

Jacolene De KlerkCustomer

Physio-designed and medically endorsed

Free delivery nationwide

30 Day comfort guarantee