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Tania Botha
Happy client

I only have my new GetOne High Back chair for a week and so far so good. I would definately recommend buying a footrest from the start. I only discovered how bad my previous chair was when I followed the “set-up” instructions from Ergotherapy. The foodrest is almost a must for shorter people and I had to order it after getting my chair, where a combo pack would have been great. Lovely chair, good quality happy client

Nic Pieterse
The best chair ever

At first the chair was not comfortable and resulted in lower back pain. This was due to bad posture and I had to get use to the new suggested posture for the chair. After 5 day of discipline the chair is the best ever investment I have ever made.No more back pain! I love the chair.

Kim Adkins
Great chair!

So comfortable for long hours at your desk. My back pain has subsided and I actually look forward to working now.

Leclue Leclue

GetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Worth the R5000!

I bought this chair in September last year. I had been struggling so much with back pain before then, but it's been 9 months of barely going to physio for back pain! The chair comes already put together which is a huge plus these days. Fabric is also perfect quality. Most importantly, your back will thank you SO much for this chair. Worth every cent I paid - thank you!