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Great Chair, wonderful serviece!

The chair is very perfect. When something went wrong the defect was easily and promptly rectified. Very friendly staff.

NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair - best back support available

I purchased a GetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair about 10+ years ago and am still using it working from home during the lockdown period. I have recently bought 2 NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chairs for my university kids and am now thinking of getting one myself - it is simply the best back support chair ever! It supports your lower back in just the right place without being uncomfortable. I can recommend this chair 100% to anyone who have to sit at a desk for long periods eg students/office workers.

Absolutely Refreshing!

I am so glad I did my homework and not opt for a gaming chair as this ergonomic chair is absolutely bliss!

NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

As a video editor I spend hours in front of my PC and at my desk. Having had a NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair at my previous office, I couldn't but buy myself a new one when I recently started my own business and moved in to a new office.
A collage couldn't believe that I spent so much on an 'office chair', until I allowed her to borrow my chair one evening when she was working late. She'll be purchasing her own chair soon ;)

NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

I've only had this chair a few days and already feel the difference. If you have a laptop, I recommend you also get the laptop stand so you can align the chair arm height with your keyboard. This keeps your back in the correct position and completes the experience.