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Look after your back and your back will look after you

Good chair, promotes good posture. I have been using for a week and feels great. The one gripe I have is the headrest could be better as some have "heavy heads" thus may not last too long. Its 7 year guarantee is awesome and pretty sure can't be beat. I recommend this product to a seasoned gamer or anyone that sits for long periods, pair with a foot rest and you have an excellent setup.

Prof ZG Knight Prof ZG Knight
Great chair - money well spent!

Great comfort, well-made, and the lumbar support is excellent.

The best chair!

Hands down the best chair I have ever had the pleasure of owning!

Worth the wait

I bought my gaming chair and was placed on back order. The chair came in 21 days later but it was definitely worth the wait I’ve been using it for more than 13 hours a day for the past month and my back is not hurting as before I can concentrate on my work without worrying about my back. Great chair

JP Davids
Amazing!! With one short coming

Originally I wanted the NetOne, I went with the gaming chair as it's not too crazy compared to other gaming chairs.

Firstly the most important aspect of any chair in my opinion is the comfort. This chair is really superb offering an amazing, comfortable seating position once setup properly for your height and desk. I would recommend this chair to anyone and if you are looking for a gaming chair consider this one as it does away with the need for those pointless cushions that are stuck on the normal 90 degree bend gaming chairs. This chair has guided my seating posture in what can only be described as a positive way.

The short coming which would only have detracted half a star is the length of the head rest. I'm slightly above average in height and I would have preferred the headrest to be able to come up out of the chair more. This would have been 5 star if it had that ability for when I was actually gaming in the chair and not doing work at my desk. It's a simple fix I think and could be something potentially offered on the website for future purchase if you already have a chair.

All in all, well done amazing chair!