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The best ergonomic desks

A number of studies have proven that alternating between sitting and standing throughout the day can help increase productivity, boost your mood, improve health and reduce back pain. That’s why in 2022, ergonomic, height-adjustable desks are a more popular office feature than ever, backed by a growing body of endorsements from medical professionals. Let’s unpack what makes a great desk, and look at our top picks for best ergonomic desks in 2022.

With many of us spending one third (or more!) of each regular day at our desks, it’s important to create the most ergonomic and comfortable work environment possible. Here, ergonomic office chairs that offer you complete adjustability and good lumbar support are essential.

However, health professionals suggest that sitting too much, no matter how ergonomic your chair, is also seriously bad for your health. Fortunately, a height-adjustable desk or standing desk converter can help negate the harmful effects of sitting for too long, and has a number of impressive health and productivity benefits.

Why physiotherapists and medical professionals suggest standing desks:

  • Standing desks can help reduce back pain

  • A standing desk can help minimise pressure on the spine

  • Standing can improve mood and energy levels

  • Standing desks boost productivity

What makes an ergonomic office desk?

When considering your new office desk, pay careful attention to the following :

Easy adjustment

Like your office chair, you want complete adjustability in dynamically changing your desk height throughout the day, something not immediately possible with a traditional office desk. The way in which you raise your computer equipment (monitors, keyboard, mouse, etc.) needs to be as ergonomically efficient as possible, and not place any extra strain on your back.


Ensure that the construction of the desk is robust and will not rock when working on it. This is especially important when desks are raised to accommodate a standing posture. We prefer the sturdy T-style legs seen on Vari® desks, which provide total working stability at any height.

Ergonomic interface

At whatever heights you use your desk, you want to ensure that the angle between forearm and upper arm is maintained at 90 to 110 degrees, and that your upper arms remain in line with your torso.

Here are our Best Ergonomic Desks for 2022:

Best Overall Ergonomic Desk:

Electric Standing Desk

Voted by CNET as the best overall standing desk of 2022, the Vari® Electric Standing Desk features a built-in control panel that allows you to programme and switch between 4 different height presets at the touch of a button. It features a quiet, powerful electric motor and heavy-duty frame that provides maximum stability at all heights, on all surfaces. The desk surface move can be adjusted from 25” (63.5 cm) to 50.5” (128 cm) high, making it ideal for people of all heights. It is available in two different sizes, 48”x 30” and 60” x 30” to your work area requirements, and in a variety of attractive colours and finishes. The Vari® Electric Standing Desk comes with a 5-year guarantee.


- Easily switch between 4 programmable height settings

- Desk height: 63.5 – 128 cm

- Quality T-style legs for maximum stability

- Durable laminate with chamfered edges

- Simple, fast assembly

- 90 kg weight limit

- 30-Day Comfort Guarantee


Black, White, Darkwood, Reclaimed Wood, Butcher’s Block


5 reviews



R12 900

Best Desk Converters:

VariDesk Pro Plus

A standing desk converter is a simple and affordable way to introduce a more dynamic routine and posture to your workspace, and the best-selling Varidesk Pro Plus sets the standard for quality and convenience in this desk family. It features an ergonomic two-tier design that provides plenty of room for single or dual monitors, keyboard, mouse, and extra hardware or accessories. The VariDesk Pro is available in two sizes, 48” (122 cm) and 36” (91 cm), to best meet your requirements. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


- Two-tier design provides room for monitors, keyboard and mouse

- Dual-handle design and spring-assisted lift for easy adjustment

- Desk height: 11.5 – 44.5 cm

- Weight base provides stability at any height

- Ready for use, straight out the box

- 15.8 kg weight limit

- 30-Day Comfort Guarantee


Black, White


5 reviews



R8 900

In short...

Reducing sedentary time can improve physical, metabolic and even mental health. This is why sitting less and standing more is such an important lifestyle change. By incorporating a dynamic height adjustable desk into your work environment, you can work more productively, happily and healthier.

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