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CHAIRity Donation Program

We don’t just stand for a healthier work environment - we stand for a healthier world, where we all work together for the greater good. That's the idea that sparked our corporate social initiative, CHAIRity. It’s a donation program that ensures that none of our clients' old, yet usable office chairs, go to waste. Instead, we redistribute them to worthy organisations like Zip Zap Circus School, Africa Tikkun, True North Consulting, MCK Special School, Alexandra High School and the Tsogang Sechaba Project.

Get involved

You don't need to be one of our clients to donate your office chairs and voluntary contributions are more than welcome. Please complete the form below to get involved or to submit your organisation for consideration.

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Changing lives one chair at a time

At Ergotherapy Solutions, we are passionate about putting children first and ensuring they have the best chair support available to make them comfortable while they go about their school day. One of our CHAIRity beneficiaries that we were honoured to get involved with and donated 45 chairs to is MC Kharbai, a special needs school situated in Lenasia, Johannesburg South. The school caters for deaf, hard of hearing as well as mild-moderately mentally challenged learners. The teachers provide the full GDE curriculum to deaf learners and a skills curriculum for learners who are experiencing moderate to severe learning barriers.