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Traditional, static offices are a thing of the past. Today, companies and employees want an active workspace, and Vari® is leading the way with a range of adjustable desks that allow you to reimagine your work environment and transform your office design.

Create a healthy, productive workspace that's as mobile, dynamic and adaptable as the people it supports.

Reduce neck and back pain

Alternating between sitting and standing at your desk can help your posture and reduce fatigue, as it allows you to vary the load on your core and back muscles that are used to position yourself at your desk.

Boost productivity

Studies show that standing desks can improve productivity as much as 45% by boosting concentration and energy levels throughout the workday.

Improve overall wellbeing

A more dynamic work environment provides a host of health benefits for employees, from improved mood to greater cardiovascular health and blood sugar levels.

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Sitting for too long causes our core muscles to tire. We often try to compensate by changing how we sit in our chairs, which can lead to awkward, inefficient positions that in turn can lead to spasms and back pain. By switching between sitting and standing, you help ensure no single muscle group is overworked, and maintain an ergonomic position for much longer.

A sit-stand workstation can be anexcellent investmentfor youroverall wellbeing, improving posture, spine and cardiovascular health. 

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