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Customer Reviews

Wow! From browsing the website, to placing the order, to tracking my order and to receiving my NetOne Ergonomic Office Chair - service was impeccable, quick and efficient. I received my chair within 2 working days! As for the chair - it really helped to ease my back pain as a result of the lumbar support. Also, improved my posture. Definitely not regretting this investment.


Apart from being very comfortable and supportive, this chair has no rattles or squeaks. The quality is very good and should last me years. Delivery was very fast, with lots of communication from the support staff.


I used to own an Ergotherapy chair before, but left it at the office when I moved. I am so glad I ordered a new one, it's such an enjoyable sitting experience and the days at work seem to pass much quicker, when sitting comfortable. Best chair on the market.