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D Hennining Danie
Work at home set

Quick delivery, ver comfortable chair and computer stand

Toy White
Convenient and stydlish

I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Ismaeel Hansa

Work at Home - Just the Essentials

Pod Baby Carriers Robyn
Great value

I am very satisfied with my purchase. The metro chair is changing my life and so is the footstand. I have a neck problem and purchased the Work at Home set to help my body. So glad I did. Thank you. I highly recommend. The chair is very adjustable, the best part being the adjustable arm rests – they take all the pressure off my shoulders. The quality of the chair, in particular seems to be of a high standard.

Jessica Lavelle
A game changer for lower back pain and productivity!

After much deliberation on whether to spend the money on the Work at Home - Just the Essentials it was an excellent decision! After all the months working at home with terrible chairs my lower back was really taking strain and went into spasm twice. My new setup is so comfortable and has really contributed to improving productivity. Now I look forward to settling into my chair everyday. I highly recommend the investment!