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Alan Yates
Excellent Value, well worth the price!

I have had this chair now for just over a month and I am impressed, though my use of ergonomic chairs is sparse I have to say nothing has compared to this.

Being more on the heavy side, chairs don't last very long for me and this chair has lasted thus far without issue.

I sit at my desk pretty much 24/7 and I never actually believed ergonomic chairs made a difference, I had a normal office chair before this one and my back was consistently stiff and felt like a rock, this chair has actually sorted out my back issues which surprised me.

This chair definitely makes a difference.

Hendrik van Tonder Hendrik van Tonder
Great chair!

Very comfortable.

Mesh backrest not sturdy

The chair looks amazing but unfortunately the mesh backrest does not support enough. I can do a total posterior pelvic tilt when leaning against the backrest and then the whole seat rocks backwards?? If I lean into the backrest, my body leans backwards (the backrest is at an angle) and I do not sit up straight. Is this the intention that if you want to sit up straight that you have to pull away from the backrest?

Jenny Jenny Engelbrecht

NetOne® Mid Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Beyers van der Merwe
Professional & Comfy

Great service and an awesome chair!