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NetOne Mid-back

I've been using my new chair for two days now and am absolutely delighted with the difference it has made to the comfort of my 'desk time'. Already the characteristic ache in my right back and hip that I used to experience after a few sessions of sitting are no longer bothering me. This has already resulted in a better night's sleep and a reduction in neck tension. The chair is so comfortable, that I am going to have to be super-diligent about restricting my sitting periods to 30 mins at a time. A superb investment!

Netone midback review

Should have bought this chair 20 years back...
Just one word:

Fantastic Chair

I'm so glad I decided to invest in this chair. Sitting in front of a computer all day on a rubbish chair meant my back was always sore. 3 days in with this new chair and all my back pain has disappeared. It's an adjustment learning to sit up straight again, which the lumbar support forces you to do. I loved the various adjustment options for all areas of the chair so that every part of it, from the back support to the depth of the seat to the height & depth of the arm rests, is perfectly fitted to my requirements. The mesh back is also cool on hot days. I also bought the Kelly footrest which also helped to make a big difference to my sitting posture. The only issue for me is that the arm rests can't lock into a position so they often slide back when you get up or sit down meaning you have to adjust them a few times throughout the day, but it's easy to do. It was a great investment, very happy with it. Highly recommend!

NetOne chair - awesome

I have used a NetOne chair in my previous job; I recently moved jobs. I was getting some nasty pains in my hip and buttock and sitting for any lenght of time was becoming more and more painful. Having used the chair before inspired me to purchase one for myself and I could feel the difference within 4 hours! I am not cured but at least I can get through a work day now. The ability to adjust the chair to suit you is what makes the difference. I tried a demo version with a headrest but it does not lift up high enough for my height (186cm) so it wouldn't be worth getting the version with the headrest.

Best office chair EVER!

This is the 3rd time I bought one of these - the first one was for myself about 2 years' ago. I spend many hours glued to my desk and battled with lower back, hip and hip flexor pain for longer than I care to remember.

I found the right chiropractor who helped a lot, but getting this office chair made a HUGE difference. Instead of everything going back to pain within a few short weeks of treatment, the results were now lasting and I haven't needed the chiropractor for many months.

My niece is busy with Matric, and in between the stress, hours of online classes and studying, she started having issues with her back. We got her one of these chairs and she has not complained about back pain since she got it about 4 months ago.

I bought a 3rd one recently for another close friend, same reason- back and hip pain. He only got it a week ago but is very impressed with how customisable it is and the immediate comfort of the chair.

One of the best features of this chair is how customisable it is - my niece is very short, I'm medium height and this other friend tall. Yet each of us could set it up to suit us perfectly - from seat height, to armrests height and position, to seat depth etc.

Thank you! This is such a quality product and soooo worth the investment.