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Alexander Maughan
Great desk

The smooth adjustment at a push of the button is great. Looks good too, and very easy to assemble. Just a note that it does not come with the cable management tray featured in the video and this isn't stocked by Egortheraphy, so I had to source this from elsewhere at quite an additional expense.

KORUMO Dr Mo Salomon
Great buy

The desk meets my expectations. Great for my back to mix up sitting and standing. When I facilitate workshops, I prefer to stand. I have set button 1 for sitting and button 2 for standing. All I have to do is press the number to lift or lower my work space as is to the right height. Easy to assemble which I did with my 7 and 14-year old nephews. This desk is cheaper elsewhere, but I’m okay having ordered from a company that specializes in ergonomics.

Bruno Scholz
Great build quality

I use this electric standing desk almost every day of the week, and I love it! It has a fantastic, solid build quality. The electric motors are quiet and they move the desk up and down smoothly and without any jerking. A great investment!

CultureCode (Pty) Ltd Marie-Claire Mclachlan
Love my office again

Best investment ever (along with my NetOne® High Back Ergonomic Office Chair). Thanks Ergotherapy for excellent service as always.