Research has shown the negative impact excess sitting has on the human body. It is estimated that the average human sits around eight hours a day. Sitting for this amount of time has a detrimental effect on our bodies because, like all mammals, we were designed to move. VARIDESK® stands up against the negative impact of this sedentary lifestyle and breaks the negative habits that most of us have been habituated to.

Innovation is not about standing still, it is all about constant movement and progression. With the VARIDESK® now available in South Africa, creating a healthier lifestyle within the workplace has never been easier.

The human body is biologically built to move, however, up until now, there has been little consideration in implementing this fact into our daily work routines; this has resulted in medical conditions such as poor posture, strained muscles and pinched nerves.

With VARIDESK® the way in which we work is evolving to prevent the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Available through Ergotherapy, VARIDESK® has an outstanding collection of products that are changing the way we work, the way we think and ultimately, the way we live for the better.

Renowned physiotherapist Gary Arenson recognised the amount of questions raised with lifestyle diseases and injuries linked to bad habits at the work place. He found the answer by designing chairs that would support people in the areas that they really need, and that are easy to use and locally made.

With medical endorsement and blue chip clients, the Ergotherapy product range revolutionises workspace by creating solutions to real problems. Work chairs and desks go hand in hand and with Arenson's passion for the prevention of posture related injuries, the VARIDESK® is stepping up to another level of shifting to a healthier lifestyle within the workplace.

VARIDESK® is patented in the USA and is available for purchase in South Africa online through from November 2015.